Stainless Steel Cable Railing

Suncor Stainless manufacturers stainless steel cable railing and stainless steel cable railing hardware for  architectural needs. Our product offering includes stainless steel safety cable, stainless steel cable railing, swageless stainless steel cable, swage fittings, swageless fittings, turnbuckles and tools to help install stainless steel hardware for architectural cable railing systems.

We offer 3 different ways to achieve a cable railing system. The hand swage series of turnbuckles offers multiple stainless steel hardware choices and easy installation using a hand swager. Quick Attach™ fittings feature mechanical swaging capabilities using simple hand tools. Both options are perfect for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. We also provide in-house swaging services, using stainless steel swage fittings.

RailEasy™ Components

The cable railing system is one of the most unique railing systems on the market today. RailEasy™ components are used for typical cable railing applications.


This section offers a variety of turnbuckles to fit a variety of cable diameters. These turnbuckles feature jaw, toggle, wall mount and stud fittings and are all made from stainless steel for... more

Swage Fittings

All these fittings and turnbuckles are machine swaged and made from stainless steel for corrosion resistance and durability. The swage components can accommodate a variety of  cable sizes and... more

Swageless Fittings

The Quick Attach™ swageless architectural products feature compression fitting in the head to allow for quick and easy installation, using simple hand tools. These components feature eye, jaw,... more

Hand Swage

The hand swage series makes installing a cable railing systems quick and easy. These stainless steel turnbuckles and fittings are available with toggles, wall mounts, short studs, standard studs,... more

Stainless Steel Cable

Suncor Stainless manufacturers stainless steel cable for a variety of industrial, marine and architectural needs. Our stainless steel cable will meet and exceed your expectations. We carry both... more


Suncor offers a line of tools, including, a variety of swagers and wire rope cutters. These tools help install stainless steel hardware for architectural cable railing systems quickly and easily... more