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document Microstar LED
Microstar LED lights have an approximate life of 100,000 hours if properly installed and using a correct power source. USE DC Power Source Only. Use appropriate voltage power source only 12Volt for 12 Volt, etc. Microstar lights can only be powered by DC current and use of any other power...
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document Post Spacing- for Cable Railing
Cable Railing requires support (mid post) every 4 feet. Rail Easy products have been tested and shown to meet code at up to 5 feet but this should always be reviewed with a building inspector before proceeding. The bottom line is that spacing must be as necessary to maintain cable spans with...
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document Cable Construction Types
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document Temperature effect on the WLL of Stainless Steel Products
Temperature Effect on the WLL of Stainless Steel Products   400 degrees F and below no change in WLL 400 to 800 degrees F 0 to 10% reduction in WLL 801 to 1000 degrees F 20% reduction in WLL 1001 to 1200 degrees F 30% reduction in WLL 1201 to 1300 degrees F 40% reduction in WLL 1301 to...
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document Stainless Steel Elements
There are 5 primary elements in Stainless Steel. Chromium, Nickle, Molybdenum, Carbon and Iron. The purpose of this article is to explain the purpose of each element and what they contribute to the Stainless Steel. nChromium combines with Oxygen to generate a protective Oxide Layer....
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document Stainless Steel for Architectural Use
For Architectural use we generally deal with Austenitic grades of Stainless Steel. There are two widely used grades, 316 and 304. For fasteners and other material that may be used in architectural use 18-8 is also very common. nAll grades of Stainless Steel contains Chromium (Cr), Nickel...
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document Electro Polishing
Electro polishing (Super Passivation)- Adding electrical current in a tank environment with a passivation acid  to further smooth the metal surface while achieving passivation. The ultimate metal treatment for corrosion resistance. Electrical current is applied in acid bath and create...
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document Threaded Products Specifying
Threaded products are categorized by the several factors: Type of thread; Wood, Machine, Sekf Tapping, etc Head Type- Pan head, flat head, hex, seated Thread size
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document Metric Eyebolts - For our metric eye bolts what is the thread pitch for all sizes. S0313-0560 S0313-0580 S0313-0640 S0313-0660 S0313-0680 S0313-0810 S0313-0880 S0313-1010 S0313-1015 S0313-1210 S0313-1215
Answer: The information below is the thread designation in Metric form. First is the size of the thread in millimeters. Then the pitch. (MM x pitch) S0313-0560 S0313-0580 M5 x .80 S0313-0640 S0313-0660 S0313-0680 M6 x 1.0 S0313-0810 S0313-0880 M8 x...
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document Stainless vs. Galvanized Material
Both stainless and galvanized steels prevent corrosion by forming a "sacrificial" layer of protective oxides. Stainless forms an almost invisible layer of chromium oxide and galvanized forms a (comparatively) thick layer of zinc oxide, according the Metallurgical Consultants website. Eventually,...
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