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document Microstar LED
Microstar LED lights have an approximate life of 100,000 hours if properly installed and using a correct power source. USE DC Power Source Only. Use appropriate voltage power source only 12Volt for 12 Volt, etc. Microstar lights can only be powered by DC current and use of any other power...
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document Post Spacing- for Cable Railing
Cable Railing requires support (mid post) every 4 feet. Rail Easy products have been tested and shown to meet code at up to 5 feet but this should always be reviewed with a building inspector before proceeding. The bottom line is that spacing must be as necessary to maintain cable spans with...
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document Temperature effect on the WLL of Stainless Steel Products
Temperature Effect on the WLL of Stainless Steel Products   400 degrees F and below no change in WLL 400 to 800 degrees F 0 to 10% reduction in WLL 801 to 1000 degrees F 20% reduction in WLL 1001 to 1200 degrees F 30% reduction in WLL 1201 to 1300 degrees F 40% reduction in WLL 1301 to...
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document Stainless Steel Maintenance
Stain -"less" Steel Materials The attractive surface appearance of stainless steel products cannot be regarded as completely maintenance free. All grades and finishes of stainless steel may in fact stain or discolor in normal service if not properly maintained. To achieve maximum stain...
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document Quick Attach Information
Quick Attach™ Installation Instructions & Information LINKS: Quick Attach™ Installation Instructions (PDF) Quick Attach™ Installation Instructions (Video) Why would you want to use mechanical swage fittings? Quick Attach™ fittings are precision machined from grade 316...
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document Backing Plates
Backing Plates add substantial strength and prevent damage and safety hazards in situations where there is an absence of solid mounting surface. Backing plates serve the purpose of distributing load from a single point of pressure to a wide area and increasing holding strength and rigidity...
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document Sail Boat Diagram
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document Swaging
Also pronounced "swedge" Swaging is a metal-forming technique in which the metal of one part is deformed to fit around another part by either pressing or hammering, or by forcing the material through a die. Swaging differs from forging in that the swaged metal is cold worked, and the output of...
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document Thread Types
Suncor sells a variety of threaded product and thread types are generally fine or course and left or right. They are mostly called out as UN parts and mostly right hand thread. Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 ...
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document Cable spacing - for cable railing
Our standard cable Spacing is 3" on center running the length of each post. To calculate your cable requirement you must measure from the top of your deck or bottom rail to the bottom of your top rail, then divide that number by the cable spacing (3") and subtract 1. example. 30 inches between...
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