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document Mounting Information/Dual Drive Winch - I am interested in your stainless steel Dual Drive Winch and need mounting information. It will not be installed on a boat trailer so a special mounting bracket would be required.
Answer: We no longer carry a Dual Drive Trailer Winch. The Suncor Stainless Catalog will reflect this change with our next edition.
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document Difference in Rope Sheave and Wire Rope Sheave What is the difference between Rope Sheaves and Wire Rope Sheaves. Can you we use Rope Sheaves for Wire Rope? Difference between bronze bush and bearing. Do we need some other bearing for bronze bushing?
Answer: Rope Sheaves are for fibrous rope. They have a full radius or groove. Wire rope Sheaves are ā€œvā€ grooved, cradling the wire rope to prevent it from coming out of the groove. Suncor wire rope sheaves are up to 3/8ā€ Maximum diameter. Suncor Rope sheaves go up to 1ā€...
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document Cleat Question and Answer
1) Is there a rule of thumb on what size cleats you need for a particular size boat?    i.e size cleat you need for a 20 ft boat?  size you need for a  40 ft boat , size you need for 60 ft boat, 100 ft boat etc. etc.   Answer: There is no standard Cleat size per...
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document Proper Chain Use & Sling Information
Proper Chain Use & Sling Information Suncor Stainless stocks a large inventory of rated, heavy duty, marine, light duty and decorative chain and chain accessories to fit your needs. We offer welding services, proof testing, slings and custom chain assemblies. For complete information on our...
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document Working Load Limits
Working Load Limits (WLL) is always a ratio to the Breaking Load Limit (BLL): For forged products we use a 5:1 ratio. For Cast Products we use 4:1 For all other products such as assemblies we use a 4:1 ratio
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document Ratchet Assembly Instructions
Ratchet Assembly Instructions For quick and easy use of ratchet assemblies, please view our Ratchet Assembly Instructions.  To learn more about the ratchet assemblies that we offer, we invite you to visit the Webbing Assemblies section of this site.
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document Trailer Safety Checklist
Trailer Safety Checklist The coupler securely engages your hitch.  The coupler and hitch ball must be rated for the same size.  The size should be imprinted on both the ball and the hitch. Safety chains are safely secured to trailer and tow vehicle in a criss-cross fashion...
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document Anchor Weight Guide
Anchor Weight Guide                                     BOAT...
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document Mil Spec
We have now joined the elite rankings of companies in the U.S. Government's Quality Manufacturer's List (QML).  We are now approved for the manufacturing of aircraft control cable terminals and assemblies per MIL-DTL-781.  These 40 qualified stainless steel swage components are left hand...
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document Anchor Chain Sizing
Step 1)Determine the length of your boat. The boat's specification sheet and sometimes the owner's manual will have your boat length listed. However, if you're unsure of your boat length, measure the hull, from the tip of the bow to the center of the stern. Be certain to use a...
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