Stainless Turnbuckles & Turnbuckle Hardware

Suncor Stainless offers stainless turnbuckles and turnbuckle hardware. We feature standard turnbuckles, machine swage turnbuckles, hand swage turnbuckles, mechanical swage turnbuckles and turnbuckle accessories.

Machine Swage Turnbuckles

Suncor Stainless offers a variety of machine swage turnbuckles to fit many marine, industrial and architectural projects. These turnbuckles feature swage studs, jaws, toggles, wall mounts, and... more

Mechanical Swage Turnbuckles

The Quick Attach™ line of mechanical swage turnbuckles includes, wall mounts, toggles and jaws. The compression fitting offers a quick and easy installation using simple hand tools. These... more

Hand Swage Turnbuckles

The stainless steel hand swage turnbuckles are ideal for marine and architectural applications. These fittings are offered with hand swage studs, toggles, gate eyes and wall mounts. The hand... more

Standard Turnbuckles

Suncor offers turnbuckles to fit various marine, industrial and architectural projects. They feature jaws, eyes, hooks, stubs and open or closed body styles. These turnbuckles are made from... more

Miscellaneous Turnbuckles & Accessories

These miscellaneous turnbuckles and accessories include set screw turnbuckles, rigging toggles and threaded and unthreaded yoke ends. Many of these items are grade 316 stainless steel for... more

Turnbuckle Components

Suncor offers stainless steel turnbuckle components to make the ideal turnbuckle.  These components include forged and cast toggles, eyes, jaws, stubs, studs, hooks and wall toggles.  The body... more