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Since 1985, Suncor's ever-expanding line has become one of the world's most complete selections of stainless steel. This extensive line of stainless steel products is offered to the marine, industrial, architectural, commercial, government and OEM markets.

About Suncor Stainless

Suncor Stainless, Inc. is a leading source for stainless steel hardware in the industrial and marine industries. Their existence holds the same characteristics as their products; enduring, appealing, innovative and strong. Their modern facilities manufacture the highest quality stainless steel chain and custom parts. These high standards in manufacturing are equaled by their services.
The scope of this product line is for the designing and manufacturing of stainless steel chain, products, accessories and wire rope assemblies for the marine, industrial, architectural, government, OEM and commercial markets. Suncor's in-house capabilities include a product development staff, whose tireless efforts along with valuable input from our clients, work to continuously improve and perfect the product line.



We know there is a wide assortment of sources for stainless steel hardware, but we're proud to say Suncor Stainless offers the most complete selection of the highest quality. Our product is backed by a staff of knowledgeable experts that have been in the stainless steel industry for years. Please call today with any questions on ordering or product availability and you'll know whyso many others choose Suncor Stainless as their number one source for stainless steel hardware!

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