Custom Chain Assemblies

The rich history of "Made in USA" chain continues at Suncor Stainless. Starting with the highest quality stainless steel wire and using highly automated production equipment, Suncor is the only manufacturer in the United States which specializes solely in stainless chain.

Suncor Stainless stocks a large inventory of rated, heavy duty, marine, light duty and decorative chain and chain accessories to fit your needs.  We offer welding services, proof testing, slings and custom chain assemblies.

Proof Testing

For some applications a proof load test is required, which is generaly done at twice the working load limit (WLL).  Usually one test is done per size, but some orders require each assembly to be proof loaded.  This test is most appropriate when we manufacture standard and custom chain slings.  Overhead lifting slings will then be tagged and engraved to indicate the maximum working loads at different angles.

For more information on our slings, please download our Sling Information Sheet.