Custom Manufacturing

Suncor Stainless, Inc. can handle almost any stainless steel part requirements in long runs or short runs. We can work with you to design, specify and manufacture complete parts or individual components.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing & Custom Parts Production

Suncor Stainless Custom Manufacturing

Suncor has moved aggressively into domestic manufacturing by investing millions of dollars in the past few years.  This has given us the ability to respond quickly to customer demand for stock and custom products.  We can now produce an almost unlimited line of custom stainless steel parts and prototypes.

CNC Capabilities & Precision Welding

  • CNC Swiss Screw Machining
  • CNC Multi Axis Lathe Machining
  • CNC Tube Drilling + Milling Machining
  • CNC Lathe/Turning Machining
  • CNC Milling Machining
  • TIG & MIG Welding