Lighting & Electrical

Stainless Steel Electrical Hardware

Suncor Stainless manufacturers LED lighting and stainless steel electrical hardware for marine, architectural and industrial applications. We offer a wide variety of deck lights, rail lights to suite all your deck lighting needs.

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Housing: Aluminum
#4 Fasteners Included
Caution: Use DC transformer only

Micro Star™ LED Light

These LED lights are the smallest self-contained LEDs on the market. They are ideal for accenting indoor or outdoor railing applications. The small size and easy installation allows for endless…

Micro Star™ Transformer

The Micro Star™ Transformer is used with all Micro Star™ lighting products. The heavy duty, water resistant construction provides years of reliable service. This transformer is DC and UL…

Micro Star™ Multi-Purpose LED Lights

The complete collection of Micro Star™ Multi-Purpose Lights offers a variety of options for many applications. Each light is durable, compact, water resistant and features low power consumption…

Electrical Hardware

Suncor offers a line of stainless steel electrical hardware including couplings and connectors for use with flexible conduit. These fittings are made from grade 316 stainless steel for maximum…