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UNC, UNF and Metric Threads

The Mandrels are to be used with the Rivet Nut Installation Tool. They are available in right hand and left hand, UNF, UNC and metric thread to fit Rivet Nut Inserts.

Mandrel Line Drawing

S0380-U005 3/16" 10-24 RH Right Hand 0.07
S0380-UL07 1/4" -20 LH Left Hand 0.08
S0380-U007 1/4" -20 RH Right Hand 0.08
S0380-U008 5/16" -18 RH Right Hand 0.08
S0380-U010 3/8" -16 RH Right Hand 0.09
S0380-F007 1/4" -28 RH Right Hand 0.08
S0380-FL07 1/4" -28 LH Left Hand 0.08
S0380-M003 M3 x .5 Right Hand 0.07
S0380-M004 M4 x .7 Right Hand 0.07
S0380-M005 M5 x .8 Right Hand 0.07
S0380-M006 M6 x 1.0 Right Hand 0.07
S0380-M008 M8 x 1.25 Right Hand 0.08
S0380-M010 M10 x 1.5 Right Hand 0.10
S0380-M012 M12 x 1.75 Right Hand 0.11

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