Microstar LED lights have an approximate life of 100,000 hours if properly installed and using a correct power source.

USE DC Power Source Only. Use appropriate voltage power source only 12Volt for 12 Volt, etc.

Microstar lights can only be powered by DC current and use of any other power source eliminate any and all warranty. Typical garden transformers are AC current and will burn the lights out in under 100 hours.

Proper care should be taken during handling and installation. If you are handling a light, it shouldn't be the first thing to come in contact with a surface or object. In-line fuses should be installed on all LED circuits to protect the LEDs, wiring and power source from shorts. If a 110 VAC transformer is used, plugging it into a surge protected power strip or receptacle may well save a full string of LED lights.

The Tri-Clusters and Micro Stars have been designed to work well with a voltage range of 11.6 to 14.6 volts.

The total current capacity of the 22-gauge wire is in excess of 2 amps and the capacity of the 20-gauge wire is in excess of 3 amps. This corresponds to a total of 100 or 300 lights respectively. Should lights in these quantities be used, we recommend using a larger gauge feed wire or multiple feeds from the power source.

In the example above, 100 lights would cause a voltage drop in 100 feet of 22-gauge wire of 6 volts. This would be unacceptable unless the voltage supplied was 18 volts. If the 20-gauge wire were used, you would see a voltage drop of 3.8 volts.